Cristina is a film director and producer born and raised in Italy. Since a very young age, Cristina has been driven to entertain and while she first became a professional dancer and choreographer, she has always had a passion for film. In 2007 Cristina moved to New York City where she established a successful career in dance and choreography, working on tours, music videos, television shows, movies and commercials. Cristina has had the privilege of working with such artists as Ne-yo, Pitbull, Marc Anthony, T Pain, Pharrel Williams, EVE, Daft Punk, Jason Derulo, amongst others. She has also worked on movies like "Let Me Explain" with with Kevin Hart, "LA LA Land" with Ryan Goslin & Emma Stone and productions like Cirque Du Soleil, So You Think You Can Dance, Victoria Secret Fashion Show to name a few.


On set directing Paris Hilton's music video.

While pursuing her dancing career, Cristina followed the film industry very closely and studied many aspects of this field, from cinematography, directing, producing to editing. Cristina has quickly shown a true talent for bringing concepts and scripts to life. Through her dedication and tireless work, she has demonstrated that she is capable of delivering superb productions world-wide in commercials, music videos, films, documentaries and promos. In 2012 she moved to Los Angeles where she continues to rise with determination on her goals as a director and producer. Some of her clients include Paula Abdul, Boyz II Men, Evander Holyfield, Paris Hilton, Macy Gray, Cirque Du Soleil, Natalie La Rose, The Today Show/NBC, Hollywood Access, BMW, Footlocker to name a few.

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